Tours for foreigners

Easy and affordable. Shizuoka sightseeing tours by chartered taxi.

Shizuoka is full of unknown attractions!

Go on memorable day trips and experiences.
We will take you by taxi.

Go on memorable day trips and experiences.
We will take you by taxi.

Popular places to visit in Shizuoka by taxi

①Taxi tours for cruise ship passengers to experience a lot of Mt.Fuji

(7 hours)

●World Heritage Centre

●Sengen Grand Shrine


●Shimizu Fish Market

②Taxi tours for cruise ship passengers Sightseeing in three of the most popular spots in Shizuoka

(4 hours)

●Miho Pine Grove


●Kunozan tosyogu Shrine

③Fujinomiya enjoyment course


●Shiraito Falls、●Otodome Falls~

●Sengen Grand Shrine~

●World Heritage Centre

④Taxi tours for cruise ship passengers UKIYO-E enjoyment course

(3.4 hours)

●Tokaido Hiroshige museum of art~

●Yui Honjin Park~

●Sakura Shrimp Market~

●Satta Pass

●Shimizu Fish Market

⑤-A Taxi tours for cruise passengers to enjoy Mt Fuji.   

(5 hours)


●Sengen Grand Shrine

●World Heritage Centre

●Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of Art

⑥-B Taxi tours for cruise passengers to enjoy Mt Fuji.


●Tanuki Lake~

●Sengen Grand Shrine

  ●World Heritage    Centre

Taxi tours for cruise ship passengers Sightseeing in two of the most popular spots in Shizuoka


●Sengen Grand Shrine~

●World Heritage Centre

Food,Nihondaira and shopping


●Shimizu Fish Market


●Sengen Grand Shrine~

●S-Pulse Dream Plaza

Night Tours

①Retro street stalls and night views that can only be seen in Shizuoka

(3 hours)

●Landscape of lanterns and Working aound Eating

●Enjoy the night view and drink at the hotel

②Enjoy the night! Night views from popular hotel in Shizuoka

(2.5 hours)

●13-minute aerial walk on a Ferris wheel

●Enjoy drinks and the night view and drink at the hotel

Optional Tours

④Tea Park

(1 hours+Travel time)

●picking tea

●How to brew a pot of tea

●Tea and Japanese sweets

⑤Tokaido Hiroshige museum of art 

( 1hours+Travel time)

●Enjoying Hiroshige’s Ukiyo-e

●Printmaking experience

⑥Shimizu Fish Market

(1hours+Travel time)




Tourist Information

Experience something that feels Japanese

●Nihondaira area


Hilly terrain at an altitude of 300 m, with 360° panoramic views of Mount Fuji over Suruga Bay, the Miho pine groves and the mountains of the Southern Alps.


Aerial walk between the summit of the scenic ‘Nihondaira’ and the Kunouzan Toshogu shrine, a historic site associated with Tokugawa Ieyasu. The view of Suruga Bay and the Izu Peninsula below is worth seeing.

Kunozan Toshogu Shrine

This shrine is associated with Tokugawa Ieyasu, who founded the Edo shogunate.

The official route of worship involves climbing 1159 stone steps from the Kuno Coast, then recommend for only visiter with a good walking .

Nihondaira Tea House

This is a tea shop in Shizuoka, the tea capital of Japan.

As well as selling tea, visitors can also try their hand at picking tea.

Nippondaira Hotel

Nihondaira Hotel, located in Nihondaira  spectacular view of Shizuoka City and the World Heritage Sites of Mt Fuji and Miho Matsubara

Strawberry picking in stone wall

Strawberry seedlings are planted between stone walls and grown using the radiant heat of the stones.

Aoba oden street

Shizoka Oden, one of Shizuoka’s B-grade gourmet specialities, is Shizoka’s soul food.
Oden (stewed beef tendon, black hanpen, vegetables, etc.) on skewers is served in a black broth.
This area is also a great place to make friends with new people.
Enjoy mingling with the locals, the unique scenery lined with lanterns and eating your way around.

Toro Ruins

There is a participatory museum within the Toro Site. 775 excavated items are designated as important cultural assets.

Tourist information center  (JR静岡駅北口 / 南口・JR清水駅江尻口)

  • Kunozan tosyogu shrine   (駿河区)徳川家康公が祀られる 国宝の御社殿、建造物は重要文化財に指定
  • Shizuoka Sengen Shrine   (葵区)徳川幕府の直営浩二で60年かけて造営された重要文化財
  • Rinzai Temple
  • Sunpu Castle Park    (葵区)徳川家康が晩年(66~75歳)を過ごした城
  1. Nihondaira   標高300mの丘陵地、駿河湾越の富士山、伊豆半島、南アルプスのパノラマビュー
  • Ropeway  名勝「日本平」の山頂と徳川家康ゆかりの史跡「久能山東照宮」を結ぶ
  • Miho Pine Grove     松原の中央付近にある「羽衣の松」は天女と地元の漁師の出会いを描いた「羽衣伝説」の舞台
  • Nihondaira Zoo  さまざまな角度でまじかに動物を観察できる動物園
  • Toro ruins      (駿河区)弥生時代の農耕集落である登呂遺跡の出土品を展示
  • S-pulse dream-plaza  ショッピング・映画・グルメ・イベントが楽しめる静岡市清水区のベイエリア
  • Shimizu Fish Market        「新鮮で美味しい魚をもっと気軽に食してほしい」という仲卸業者の思いからできた清水魚市場