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『Mt.Kanpu Ryuge Temple ② Gyokeimon Gate and Garden view, first half.』

Hello, this is Shizuoka TaaS.

I visited the Nichiren Shu temple Ryuge-temple the other day.

This time, I will introduce you to the inside of the temple grounds.

At the back of the garden there is a 1,100-year-old sycamore tree and a pond garden called ‘Kanpu-en’, which was created in the Edo period.

The view that spreads out as soon as you enter the temple gate is also very colourful and beautiful.


There is a hand-watering place where tourists can purify themselves before visiting.

The procedure is as follows.

(1) Hold the ladle with your right hand.

(2) Fill the ladle with water.

(3)Wash the left hand

(4) Wash the right hand.

(5) Fill your left hand with water and rinse your mouth (you can also just put your mouth on the ladle)

 Do not put your mouth directly on the ladle

(6) Wash the handle of the ladle with the remaining water.

Perform this action with one ladleful of water.


I looked at gyokei gate painted red on my way to the main hall.

It was built when When Emperor Showa was Crown Prince (Taisho era) have visited there.


After walking up a gentle slope, the Founder‘s Hall and the Chogyu (Great writers of the Meiji era)Hall can be seen.

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