Let's wear a kimono, a traditional costume and make Japanese soul food "rice balls"!

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Let's wear a kimono and make some "rice balls"!

①Let’s wear a kimono and make rice balls.!

Kimono wearing and onigiri and miso soup making experience in Shizuoka!

Learn how to make onigiri and miso soup with our friendly staffs.- while wearing a traditional Japanese kimono.

Experience in the kitchens of ordinary households in Shizuoka City

Enjoying the conversation with the local Japanese friendly staff

This service started from our desire to give people the opportunity to experience the food culture of an ordinary Japanese household.
So we decided to use Japanese rice to start an experience that would allow overseas travellers to feel and learn more about Japanese culture.
We think it will be a good memory to “experience the local culture” when travelling”.

Make rice balls

The experience allows visitors to choose three of five different flavours and make their own onigiri using Japanese rice. Staff will teach you how to make your own onigiri. You can participate alone, with friends, couples, families or tourist groups.

Wear a kimono or happi coat

Wear a kimono or happi coat, cook, have your own onigiri and miso soup, and take a photo.
After the event, you will receive a set of chopsticks as a souvenir. You are welcome to use them when you return from your trip.

Five different flavours of Filling of rice balls .(red shiso, bonito flakes, salmon flakes, sea kelp, tuna and mayo)

About the rice ball filling

The ingredients in the cooking component of this experience are easily customized, so if you have dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know ahead of time.


(ゆかり:yukarired shiso leaves

Yukari is a kind of Japanese furikake (rice seasoning) that is made from red shiso leaves. It has a sour-salty delicious flavor.


(昆布:konbuSea kelp

Konbu means sea kelp. It is Japanese seaweed.Kelp is seasoned with sugar and soy sauce and goes well with rice


▼(おかか:okaka)bonito flakes

Okaka is made from bonito flakes. As a rice ball filling, it is usually mixed with soy sauce.


(鮭:shakeGrilled salmon or salmon flakes

Shake is grilled salmon. It is my favorite rice ball filling. It is a popular onigiri filling among the Japanese.

Tuna & Mayo

(ツナマヨ:tsunamayoTuna & Mayo

Tsunamayo means tuna and mayo. It is a mixture of mayonnaise and canned tuna.

Overview of the experience

Activity Making and tasting onigiri & miso soup

Fee: 10,000 yen per person (tax included)
Meeting Place and Time:At the Port of Shimizu
How to book: Please book in advance using the form below or by telephone.
Please make reservations at least one week in advance.
To make a reservation, please contact

    Language : English (local staff)

    Souvenirs: chopsticks, paddle holders, included in the above price.

    Venue : Koshisha Building(About 15-minute drive from Shimizu Port.)

    Cancellation fee: day before – 50%.

    100% on the day of cancellation