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Hi there ,this is Shizuoka TaaS.

It‘s hot weather in shizuoka today too.

There is a good place to us be able to enoy without feeling hot.


Ever been to?

First of all, you must be impressed by the beautiful exterior of the building.

Take a photo in front of this building.

Inside the museum, visitors can learn a wide range of information about the world-acclaimed Mt Fuji, including its artistry, history of faith and its origins as a volcano.

There is a full explanation in many languages.

it`s one of famous spot where a lot of visiter from all of the world.

While you have to spend a lot of time preparing if you actually want to climb Mt Fuji
Fuji, but with this facility
Fuji is easy to experience.

Here,while watching a time-lapse video of the view of Mt Fuji in the room and walking up a 193 m long spiral ramp,you can learn about various aspects of Mt Fuji indoors while watching a time-lapse video of the view of Mt Fuji.  ,

Distance from Shizuoka Station in less than one hour.

This is a recommended spot to climb experience without worrying about the weather.

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