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『Craftsmanship experience at Sunpu Takumisyuku. 』

Hello, I am Shizuoka TaaS!
There are only a few days left of this year!
Did you go out here and there?

There is a facility called Sunpu Takumi Syuku
where you can experience traditional crafts.
Have you heard of it?

Many kinds of craftman were gathered to shizuoka to buid KUNOZAN TOSYOGU,then Shizuoka has been developed as city of craftman.

Sunpu Takumi-Yado is a facility where you can experience artisan craftsmanship in Shizuoka.
This time we will tell you about the artisan experience here.

When you step into the reception area, you will see a variety of artworks on display.
Chopsticks, flower vases, bags, knick-knacks, etc. are all wonderful.
I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

The staff will carefully teach you the basics of indigo dyeing.
So each process is carefully carried out by hand.

Finally, the experience begins.
Using the shibori technique, you create your own original design.
The area of the cloth where you want the white pattern to appear is tied tightly with thread.
The degree of force used in the shibori process also affects the finished pattern.

Once squeezed, the cloth is dipped into the dye and rubbed in.
Because If  indigo dyeing can stain clothing if it gets on it.
Work is carried out quietly, fully armed with an apron and gloves.

Pull the cloth out of the dye and wash in cold water,
Repeat the washing process until there is not much colour in the rinse water.
Again, be careful not to splash.

After washing, spread the cloth out immediately and allow it to dry.
This is not only to dry it, but also to oxidise it.

Experience the depth and artistry of indigo dyeing,
The experience at Sunpu Takumisyuku will give you a new understanding of traditional Japanese culture,
It is sure to be a wonderful memory of your trip.

There are many different experiences on offer, so you are sure to find something that suits you.
Why not pay a visit?

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