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Participate in『 the night view navigator training course』

Hello, Shizuoka TaaS.
Organised by the Shizuoka City Tourism and MICE Promotion Department the other day,
by night view critic and night view producer
night view guide lecture.            

Participants included volunteer guides, interpreter guides, people working for travel agencies, hotels and resorts, taxi drivers, and many others interested in night view tourism in Shizuoka.

As we boarded the bright, mountain-blue-coloured school bus
For a brief moment, the feeling is a bit of a rush, but
I don’t know where I’m going to be put to the night view guide test.
I don’t know, so I look over my prepared notes and recite them in my head.

Our first stop was Sunpu Castle Park.
This is the first time I have seen it lit up at night.

Under the supervision of world-renowned lighting designer Motoko Ishii, the park was lit up in a crisp atmosphere with white as the base colour.
Like project mapping
The stone walls of the moat reflect the shimmering surface of the water.

The nominated guides were all very familiar with the area.
I was still a little nervous.


I went to the next task spot, S-PulseDreamPlaza, still feeling nervous.
The next spot on the agenda was the S-PulseDreamPlaza, with a Ferris wheel in the centre, bright lights and light music like in an amusement park.

Here, several people, including one TaaS employee, gave demonstrations.
As I expected, everyone was very good at it and I was interested in them at the same time.
I was also envious that everyone was free from nervousness.
Next stop, Nihondaira Hotel.


The hotel was decorated in Christmas style from the entrance, which was really nice,
But my head is full of reciting my notes because I haven’t finished the practical test yet.
I was still reciting my notes.

We immediately went up to the 6th floor to the Sky Terrace.

The night view spread out in front of us, and the participants were amazed at the view,
The training went on and on, with no time to admire the view.

After all the remaining participants had completed their guide tests, a representative from the Nihondaira Hotel gave a certification certificate to the participants.
The Nihondaira Hotel staff presented the certificates on behalf of all the remaining participants.
Finally, I was relieved to be free from tension and could see the scenery from the window.
I could look at the scenery from the window.

The sparkling night view was framed in the window like a picture frame,
The Ferris wheel in the middle, spinning round and round with changing colours, whitish light, orange light and various lights spreading vertically and horizontally.
It is like a living painting, which makes you want to admire it forever.

Participation in this course enabled me to visit several night view spots.
Also, knowledge about the night views of Shizuoka, issues, the city’s intentions and initiatives,
other guides, and the industries interested in night views,
I learnt a lot.

Shizuoka TaaS would like to use this experience to propose a night view tour.
We would like to organise tours that will show many people that “there are many wonderful nightscapes in Shizuoka”.
We will organise tours so that as many people as possible can learn about the many wonderful nightscapes that Shizuoka has to offer.
We will be posting information on our website and SNS.
We look forward to your continued support!

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