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”Sightseeing in Fujinomiya Best views and experiences !”  

 ~Three Generations’ Enchanting tour through Fujinomiya: Nature, Sake, and Sushi”~

Very cute!
They were also in awe of the architectural beauty of the World Heritage Centre.
In front of Mt.Fuji world Heritage center

Hello. Shizuoka TaaS.
The otherday, Celebrety Millennium calls at the Port of Shimizu.

A family of three generations travelled to Japan and toured in the Fujinomiya area.

They were looking forward to visiting Shiraito Falls. We went there before the rain got too bad.
At this waterfall they were not dynamic, but delicate.
I was impressed by the cleanliness of the water as it seeped from the rock face from Mt Fuji.

Next we visited the historic Takasago Sake Brewery.
Grandpa and Dad, who love sake, were allowed to sample a variety of sake at the shop.
The older brother and younger brother weren’t interested in sake.
They waited outside with Mum.
until Grandpa and Dad got hungry and urged them to go for lunch.
They were engrossed in drinking.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a meal at the revolving sushi restaurant, which we had longed to visit, and were delighted by the fresh sushi, especially the variety of raw fish.

It was a joyful experience for three generations of the family to explore Japan, and I hope that they cherished every moment of it!

Please share your wonderful memories with your friends and acquaintances.
Please share them with your friends and acquaintances!

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