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『the Celebrity Millennium arrived at Shimizu Port On 6 November』

Hello, Shizuoka TaaS.
On 6 November, the Celebrity Millennium arrived at Shimizu Port.

It started to rain and many people were waiting in line to get on and off the shuttle buses if they were going to the city.                      
Some guests took the taxi tour. Thank you very much.          Unfortunately, the weather was not so good, but we hope you were able to see Mt Fuji at least for a moment when the clouds moved a little.      

On days when the weather is not so good, we also recommend visiting the Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum, Ryuge-ji Temple and the Mt Fuji World Heritage Centre. These places are also places where you can feel the charm of Shizuoka, which we would like to promote more.

We would like to thank all those who stopped by the Shizuoka TaaS booth. And thank you to all the drivers for your cooperation.



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