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Try the station lunch”EKIBEN”! 

~EKIBEN is very interesting, because they use distinctive regional ingredients.~

EKIBEN are sold on station platforms.
Various kinds of sushi.
Get an ekiben and eat it on the Shinkansen!
Sushi with sakura shrimps (Shimizu Station, Shizuoka).

Hello.this is Shizuoka TaaS.
February is the coldest month in Japan and it is very cold today!

By the way、Do you know what a ekiben sold in japanese station is?
Eki-ben is consist of two words’eki’ and ‘ben’.
EKI means station, BEN meanslunch box ,and ekiben is a lunch that can be bought at a station,

It is probably a culture unique to Japan.
We Japanese buy ekiben at the station before getting on the train on long journeys or business trips and eat them on the train after the train departs.

Some people buy ekiben because they don’t have time to eat at a shop, while others want to enjoy the ekiben.

Ekiben are unique and delicious in each region, we can find at not only local stations but also major stations in big cities like Tokyo and on the shinkansen.
Please you should definitely try them when you come to Japan.

Ekiben started in the Meiji era. They were as simple as rice ball and Japanese pickles”tsukemono”.

You can apply for experience for tourlist
making rice ball and miso soup through Shizuoka TaaS.
You will wear a kimono and make onigiri (rice balls).
If you come to Shizuoka, you should definitely try it!

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