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『Diamond Princess arrived at Shimizu Port    On 10th November』

Hello, Shizuoka TaaS.
On 10 November, Diamond Princess arrived at Shimizu Port.

It was raining again that day, but some of our guests took a taxi tour in Shimizu, our port of call.                      

Thank you very much.

It was raining heavily and the air was cold,.
Some visitors who did not have umbrellas came to the Shizuoka TaaS booth and had to return to the ship.

We would like to be more proactive in showing visitors around on rainy days and other occasions for example The Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum, Ryuge-ji Temple, Mt Fuji World Heritage Centre, Liberty Resort Kunozan.

We would like to thank all those who stopped by the Shizuoka TaaS booth .

We would also like to thank all the drivers who cooperated with us.

This will be the last time we will have a booth at the event this year.

Next year, we plan to set up a booth on 16 February when we call at the port of Westerdam.
We look forward to meeting visitors and offering our service content brushed up .

To kunozan tosyogu shrine

To Nihonndaira

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