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『Miyukitei in the Yui Honjin Park.』

I recently visited the Tokaido Hiroshige Museum.

The street where the museum is located is quaint and quiet.

It was like a different world.

As I entered the grounds from the main entrance and proceeded

I saw a Japanese-style building with a certain atmosphere.

The building is a restored memorial to the Emperor Meiji, who spent three short holidays at the Yui Honjin.

The lovely building caught my attention and I decided to take a break here before entering the museum.

It was a day when we could enjoy matcha green tea and Japanese sweets.

When you enter the pavilion, the smell of wood wafts through the air.

Looking out of the window into the pond, you can see carp swimming leisurely,

Soon after, matcha tea and sweets were served.

I visited Yui Honjin for the museum.

I was able to have a refreshing time that I had not expected.

I think this building, which stands in a beautiful garden, is a wonderful place where you can feel the seasons every time you visit.

Why not visit when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and rest your mind?

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