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『Training for tour guide ~Sengen shline~ 』

 Hello ShizuokaTaas.
The tourist guide training course that I have been attending since September has now been completed.

Since I had the opportunity to attend the course, I will tell you here what I learnt.                      

 This time it is Shizuoka Sengen Shrine. I had visited there before, but there were many things I learnt for the first time.

First of all, there are seven shrines here, all in one place. There are so many different deities here that it seems you can make all kinds of requests.                       

 You can visit all of them one by one and put a vermilion stamp on each one.                             The tour guide gives an enjoyable and well explanation as you go round and round.

Do you know that there is a burial mound here?          

  We wanted to go inside, but we were told that we needed to apply in advance to the city hall.

After visiting all the shrines, the guide took us to the hall of worship, which we were unable to visit.

First, we were purified by a priest.      

As we learnt in the training, the hall of worship is decorated with carvings all over the place that tell a story.        

All of the decorations, such as carvings and designs, have meanings and are filled with wishes.                       Time flew by as the guide explained and chatted with us.       

I could see first-hand that the presence of a guide makes the trip more enjoyable when stopping at tourist attractions.

I would recommend hiring a guid!

Green demon supporting the roof and celestial maiden dancing beneath them.

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