Sightseeing and experience

The blog about sightseeing and experience in shizuoka.

”Westerdam arrived at Shimizu port ,The best exprience and scene”! 

 ~We recomend japanese experience that you try to wear japanese tradittional cloth”kimono”~

The cruise ship was seen over there.
it’s really cool!
The ship was coming into here.
Change of direction.

Hello ,this is Shizuoka TaaS.
Westendam arrived at Shimizu port recently,.
It’s fine in the morning,people could watch mt.Fuji with snow on the top overthere.

people’re waiting ,
Westerdam eagerly awaited could be seen In the distance.
Mt.Fuji in the background as they leisurely make their way
towards us then We’re impressed by the way it looks.
Cheers are heard from all over the place.
An elegant sight …
who could see this spectacle were lucky.

We would like passenger who get off the cruise ship to enjoy the free time at port,
then we offered them the service which experience of wearing kimono at our booth.

Man who purchased an orange haori as an emcee costume for an onboard event
What it looks like.
She’s going to wear it to a party on board. It suits her.

A man bought “orange color haori” for a party in cruise ship
another girl bought ”white color kimono and orange obi for the same party.
a girl got “yukata”as souvenir

Each kimono which somebody wore were left japan with new owner.
These kimonos will surely remind the participants of Japan.

Please visit shizuoka Japan again.

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